The Best Photo Spots in Vietnam

Vietnam is an incredibly beautiful country. I had no idea what to expect when we went there and it was quite stunning, so it was quite easy to put together this list of the best photo spots in Vietnam. We were in Vietnam for almost 3 months in 2019. It’s a long and skinny country, […]

Best Photo Spots in Peru

Headed to Peru and seeking out great places to shoot? Everyone knows about Machu Picchu but there is so much more to Peru as you’ll see in this rundown of the best photo spots in Peru. Peru is a country with stunningly diverse geography, amazing food and incredible history which dates back to 3000 B.C. […]

A Detailed 1 Week Mongolia Travel Itinerary

One of the first things you’ve got to do in Mongolia is find a good tour group and operator, and the second is plan your itinerary. A great Mongolia travel itinerary should involve a lot of time in the incredible countryside, ideally intervoven with gers, mutton, culture and history. This detailed 1 week itinerary will […]

Finding the Perfect Mongolia Tour

Check out this guide to finding a budget tour in Mongolia. Discover the secret to budget travel in Mongolia and find a cheap tour that works for you.

Colca Canyon Without Hiking

There are a number of treks in this area but they are super intense, so we decided to see Colca Canyon without hiking. I’ve been traveling long enough to know when I can and can’t do a certain hike and this definitely didn’t seem like it was for me. We went with Colonial Tours Colca […]

Great Places to Take Pictures in San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful and fun city and there’s a lot to do and see. So naturally, there are a lot of amazing places to take pictures in San Diego.

Honestly, whether you’re a tourist looking for some must-see places, a pro looking for photo shoot locations, or just a local looking for a great location for photowalk or stunning views, there’s something for you.