One of the first things you’ve got to do in Mongolia is find a good tour group and operator, and the second is plan your itinerary. A great Mongolia travel itinerary should involve a lot of time in the incredible countryside, ideally intervoven with gers, mutton, culture and history. This detailed 1 week itinerary will […]

There are a number of treks in this area but they are super intense, so we decided to see Colca Canyon without hiking. I’ve been traveling long enough to know when I can and can’t do a certain hike and this definitely didn’t seem like it was for me.

We went with Colonial Tours Colca Canyon […]

San Diego is a beautiful and fun city and there’s a lot to do and see. So naturally, there are a lot of amazing places to take pictures in San Diego.

Honestly, whether you’re a tourist looking for some must-see places, a pro looking for photo shoot locations, or just a local looking for a great location for photowalk or stunning views, there’s something for you.