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Read the location guides to get a photographer’s take on these popular sights.
Travel Photography is easy when you know where to go.


If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.

Travel photography doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars in expensive tours and gear.

The world is beautiful and vast and full of amazing sights. I’m here to show you how to shoot it yourself.

I’ve got posts on a variety of places to inspire you, all accessible and affordable locations for a hobbyist or semi-pro photographer.

Let me help you find great destinations to shoot.

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Let's Get Introduced

Hi, I’m Shimona and in 2018 I set out to travel and shoot all the wonderful places I’ve dreamed of shooting. 

I’m a semi-pro photographer but I travel light with minimal photography gear. I believe great photos come from going places and capturing great moments well, not with buying more gear.

I fill my guides with tips on when and where to go, what gear to take and what techniques to practice before you go. My guides hope to encourage regular travelers to stop peeping pixels and get out there and shoot.

My favorite style of photography is the kind I grew up enjoying in travel photography magazines like the National Geographic, the stunning, unposed, ever-changing world as we know it.

Our readers keep returning to these posts, so maybe you’ll find them useful too.