About Me

Hi, I’m Shimona and thanks for visiting!

I love photography but got tired of websites that are targeted toward pixel peepers and gearheads.

I love finding beautiful places ✈, people 👪 and moments 🎉 and capturing them.

So I decided to make a website about that instead.

As I travel, I share reviews of great photo locations, the shots I got there, the gear I took … or regretted not taking.

Sort of like a tripadvisor for photographers 🙂

I’m not a pro, just an amateur that loves the art of photography.

And loves to share it with others.

Travel light and find places that and rich in nature, culture and history.

Get gear that is versatile and worth carrying with you and learn some essential techniques.

That’s really all you need for great photography.

If you’re prepared and ready to shoot, you can be sure to return from any trip with a trove of great photos.

Welcome to my site!

Shimona Carvalho
Photographer and Traveller

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