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6 Stellar Gifts For Your Favorite Photographer

Do you have a photographer in your life? Perhaps it’s you! This list is a lovely set of gifts that any photographer would be happy to get.

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I know, I know. It’s hard to buy for someone who knows a lot more about their hobby than you do. In fact, dangerous, one might say.

But, never fear! I’ve made it easy by picking just those gifts that any non-photographer could easily buy for the photographer in their life.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t love for a certain husband to buy me a gorgeous Singh-Ray polarizer, but what are the chances he figures out which diameter to get?

So these items are straightforward, one-click buys that should result in happy smiles at the holidays. You can thank me later.

1. Overview: A New Perspective of Earth

Just take a peek at this  stunning book of views of the earth taken from satellite imagery – put together by photographer Benjamin Grant.

Have you heard of the Overview Effect? It’s the incredible feeling experienced by astronauts looking down at the earth from space.

Looking at our planet, they are struck by both how tiny we all are and yet how much impact we have on our fragile earth. And you will too, when you see this book.

Don’t forget to check out Daily Overview – the instagram account that inspired this book.

Buy this for: Any photographer looking for a new perspective. Click here to buy!

2. Fuji Instax Mini 90

This little instant camera is one of Fuji’s super successful Instax line.

Yes, we can all share photos across the globe with a blink of an eye. But there’s still something magical about a physical, tangible print.

This is a great gift for someone who has those photo booth shots on their fridge, who prefers photography in the moment to long hours editing, and who posts all day to Instagram.

Buy this for: The spontaneous photographer who loves sharing their shots. Click here to buy!

3. Black Rapid Metro Sling Strap

Okay, you know how most camera straps go around your neck and hang in front?

Now, imagine carrying pretty much anything else that way for a day – your purse? laptop bag? groceries?

Admit it, it sounds terrible, right?

I don’t know why camera straps work that way, because it is SO hard on your neck and shoulders. I won’t even get into the ways it sucks even more for women.

Enter the Black Rapid sling strap. This strap wears like a messenger bag – across the chest with the weight on one shoulder. It’s attractive and so much more comfortable for both men and women. Win, win!

It’s basically a must-have for any photographer toting a DSLR. It also has a unique mechanism that makes it really easy to slide the camera up for a shot.

Buy this for: Any DSLR (read: big, heavy, camera) photographer who still wears their camera around their neck. Click here to buy!

4. Tenba BYOB Camera Insert

If you haven’t seen these before, it’s a padded insert you can put into any bag to make it a camera bag.

There’s a lot of good reasons to have one of these…

  • Style – Use a bag that matches your personal style, whether that’s a rugged messenger or a party-appropriate purse.
  • Safety – Carry your gear inconspicuously. Instead of shouting, “Hey, come over here and rob me!”
  • Versatility – Convert any random bag into a photo bag in a pinch while traveling. I had a cheap, foldable backpack when I last traveled, and on hiking days, it made for a light, comfortable option.

One tip – Be sure to get the size that works! I recommend BYOB 9 which should fit a smaller DSLR with lens and one extra lens. Size up or down if you know your giftee carries a lot more or less.

I know it seems expensive for just an insert, but think about it – now ANY BAG they currently own can be a camera bag. Worth it.

Buy this for: The photographer whose style differs from the utilitarian standard of most photo gear. Click here to buy!

5. Canon Selphy Portable Printer

The Canon Selphy is a dye-sublimation photo printer.

It’s an alternate printing method where the result looks exactly like a real photograph, with very smooth tones. It only prints a fixed size – 4×6 – but it’s also portable so you can take it to an event to share or sell mementos.

I know, printers make me want to curl up in a fetal position on the floor but this printer! I bought (an older version of) it for a gig 4 years ago.

This year, I needed some passport photos urgently. I pulled it out and it worked perfectly. After 4 YEARS of sitting in my closet!

Buy this for: The photographer who likes to make everyday prints – perhaps to share with family, or to make albums or scrapbooks. Click here to buy!

6. Polaroid Pro Studio Collapsible Reflector Set + Stand

Like shooting portraits of family and friends? This affordable, well-made reflector set from Polaroid can add a lot of oomph into portraits by adding back some beautiful, glowing light.

Don’t know where to use a reflector? Read more about reflectors here. There are some gorgeous pictures of what a reflector gets you.

I’ve linked to the 32″ size because it’s a versatile size for portraits. However for full-body shots, the larger size of 42″ plus the stand might be a better choice.

Buy this for: Portrait loving photographer, especially one without a studio that might like to try new lighting options. Click here to buy!

Good Luck!

I hope you found something great on this list for the photographer in your life. Or even better, found something for yourself!

I think all these items are versatile enough for any photographer to enjoy – and yet delightful enough to inspire and motivate.

If you’re the photographer in the family – well I guess you now have a few things to add to your wish list!

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