Accessories for the GX85 – Grip, Batteries and More

Bought your new camera and looking for the best Lumix GX85 grip? We’ve got you covered with this list of the most-requested accessories for the Panasonic GX85.

Most would be great accessories for mirrorless cameras in general, but some are pretty specific to the GX85.

Best Panasonic Lumix GX85 Accessories

Because of the camera’s size, Lumix GX85 accessories need to be more compact than their DSLR versions, or what’s the point of getting this great little camera?

So I’ve tried to focus on accessories that make sense for travel or people interested in a more lightweight setup.

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Here’s our list of must have Panasonic GX85 accessories:

1. Lumix GX85 Grip

The GX85 is perfect for smaller hands, but even for women, it can run a bit small if you’re used to a bigger DSLR. So a Panasonic Lumix GX85 grip is an often requested accessory.

Sadly Panasonic hasn’t released a GX85 grip which is a real bummer. Except – I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Turns out, they did release a GX9 hand grip and turns out, it fits the Panasonic GX85 perfectly!

Users report that it makes the camera much easier to hold and handle. Of course, since it’s an authentic Panasonic product it’s well made and long lasting.

The only disadvantage is that it blocks the battery compartment so you’ll need to take it off to swap out batteries.

gx85 grip
Buy the Panasonic Lumix GX9 Grip Now

Advanced maneuver – if you are comfortable getting something 3D printed, you can buy the CAD files for a grip that has an opening for the battery compartment and print your own grip! CAD files here.

Now, it’s not a GX85 battery grip, there simply isn’t one. It’s just a physical hand grip meant to make the camera easier to hold for those with larger hands.

If you are looking for more power, your best bet is honestly to just get spare batteries.

2. Camera Strap

The next thing you’ll want to upgrade is your camera strap. The one that comes with the GX85 is … functional but not much more than that.

Rapid Slide Strap

Personally, I’ve given up on the around-the-neck camera straps. Especially as a woman, the traditional camera straps are just not comfortable to wear.

I much prefer the rapid slide type of camera straps, the kind that you wear crossbody. I’m much more comfortable carrying the camera weight on a shoulder vs on my neck.

I’ve been using this black rapid strap and love it. I think it’s the best camera strap for mirrorless cameras.

Pro Tip: If you have longer hair, avoid the ones with a rubber strap at the shoulder as it tends to snag hair.

black rapid camera strap
Buy BlackRapid Retro Strap Now

Wrist Strap

If you prefer to simply carry your camera in your hand, there’s something for you too. For a long time, this is how I carried my camera because I couldn’t find a strap I liked. I got surprisingly comfortable carrying it this way but was always afraid of dropping it.

For a smaller camera like the GX85, it’s possible to just use a wrist strap like you might have on a point and shoot.

The Peak Design Cuff wrist strap is a beautiful and well-designed wrist strap that looks great with the GX85.

Buy Peak Design Cuff Wrist Strap Now

3. GX85 Case

Now that you’ve picked a strap, next a good case or bag is in order.

Now, of course there are many large bags you can get if you plan on carrying a lot of gear. But since I’m focusing on accessories that are perfect for the GX85, I’m going to focus on smaller bags.

Camera Insert Bag

My favorite trick here is to simply buy a good camera insert which you can use in any bag.

Buy Tenba Camera Insert Now

This is a great trick to design the perfect diy camera bag for yourself. You can buy one insert and use it in a variety of bags that you already own. Or buy a bag that has just the style you are looking for.

Leather Crossbody

If price is no object and you just want a beautiful bag that’s small and fits the GX85, consider the Ona Bond Street Bag.

Ona makes a new breed of attractive and well made bags that don’t scream ‘camera bag’. This one is a nice leather bag, well padded inside, perfect for the GX85, a spare lens and some batteries.

Buy Ona Bond Street Camera Bag Now


Canvas Crossbody

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, and don’t want to deal with buying an insert separately, here’s a great little bag that is similarly small and quite stylish.

It’s definitely not big enough for an SLR but it’s a perfect bag for micro four thirds cameras.

Buy EveCase Canvas Camera Bag Now

4. Extra Batteries

For the GX85, batteries should probably be the first thing you buy since the battery life is not the most amazing. It’s always best to buy the original Panasonic batteries as they last the longest and are better at communicating their status to the camera.

Panasonic GX85 Batteries

If you see yourself charging the batteries in an external charger as well, this travel combo of charger and battery is a perfect add-on to your camera. I love that the GX85 has USB charging – it’s a key feature when picking a great travel camera – but I do like the ability to fast charge batteries at home.

Buy Panasonic Charger and BLG10 Battery Now

If you just need spare GX85 batteries, you can get those too… Panasonic BLG10 Batteries.

Wasabi Batteries

If you don’t mind off-brand batteries, the Wasabi batteries are well regarded. I used to always buy off-brand spares but I do find that the Lumix originals last a good bit longer than my Wasabi battery. Nevertheless, if you are on a budget, these work pretty well.

Buy Wasabi Batteries and Charger Now

One perk of this setup is that this charger connects to USB. So you can charge batteries on long drives.

Or you can pop the batteries in, secure them with a rubber band, and plug the charger into an external battery pack. That should let you use your camera as you charge your spares, which is pretty nice.

5. SD Cards

Can’t do much without SD cards, can you? But it’s good to know that all SD cards are not the same.

I have a whole pile of them and you know what’s the worst? When I decide to shoot a little video with the GX-85 only to find that it cancels the video because the card can’t handle the write speed.

To best use all the features of this great camera, you want a card with a UHS Class 3 speed rating, or a 3 inside a U on the card.

Here are some of the best memory cards for the Panasonic GX85 – they’re fast, reliable and long lasting:

Buy SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card (64 GB) Now

Buy PNY Elite 128GB SD Card Now

6. Cleaning Kit

Hopefully, you’re taking your GX85 all over the place because it’s just so awesome to shoot with.

If you are, you might find yourself in need of a good cleaning kit. I know I was wondering why I could barely see through the EVF when I realized it was just grubby with sunblock and needed a good wipe.

This kit is perfect for the job, go easy with the cleaning spray, but the cleaning pen is great for the lens. And if you start seeing dust spots, the blower can keep the sensor clean.

Buy Altura Photo Cleaning Kit Now

7. Filters

Gone are the days of cooling and warming filters, but there are a couple of filters that still can’t be replaced by post processing.


A polarizer makes all the difference in landscape shots by cutting down reflections so that you can beautiful greens and blues.

Buy Hoya 37mm Circular Polarizer Now

ND Fader Filter

Okay, I can’t even with how cool this filter is. It’s basically an ND filter where you can dial up the density on the spot.

If you don’t know what an ND filter is, it’s a neutral density filter, that is used to lower the light coming into the lens.

Why would you want to do that? Well, if you want to get bokeh in daylight, you need a wider aperture. But with a wider aperture, it’s easy to overexpose. So you use an ND filter to make it possible.

Similarly, if you want the smooth cascades of a waterfall, you need to slow down the shutter speed. But you can’t do it easily in broad daylight. So again, that’s where an ND filter will help you out.

Buy Polaroid ND Fader Filter Now

This one allows you to change how many stops of light will be reduced which is so cool. In the past, you just had to carry multiple ND filters and stack them. Now you just carry this one little guy and twist for more or less levels of ND.

8. Lenses

The next few accessories are all about improving your photography. Truth is, you don’t want to jump into these right away, just when you start feeling the need for them.

The obvious upgrade of course is the lens. But, as you probably know, this is a HUGE subject. I’m going to just start with the top 2 lenses I would pick as the NEXT lens after your kit.

Telephoto Zoom

This one’s a great telephoto zoom that will extend the reach of the kit lens and get you some great telephoto shots. It’s awesome for flattening the scene to get some interesting new perspectives.

Buy Panasonic Lumix G Vario 45-150mm f/4-5.6 Now

Lowlight Prime

This one’s a cheap and cheerful prime that’s a nifty fifty for your GX85, great for lowlight, creamy bokey and street shooting.

Buy Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 Now

Those are the lenses you’re most likely going to want to buy upfront, but when you’re ready, browse through my big list of the best lenses for travel.

The Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses for Travel

The Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses for Travel

Check out this list of the best lenses for travel to figure out what your next lens will be.

9. Tripod

A tripod is key if you want some long exposures. To travel, I rarely use a tripod as it’s just one too many things to carry but it just depends what shots you have your heart set on.

Since there’s a lot to choosing a tripod, I’ll link my post on the best tripods under $100 right here to help you pick the right one for you.

The Best Tripods Under $100

Despite what everyone tells you, tripods don’t have to be expensive. Check out this list of tripods under $100.

10. Flash

Finally we come to the advanced maneuver, a real TTL flash.

The little flash on the GX85 is functional but honestly, I’d rather use a fast prime than flash in most situations.

But if you want to use flash, you really have to get a TTL flash you can redirect or bounce. And you’re in luck, TTL flashes used to be very expensive but some new companies have entered the market with excellent choices.

Consider this Godox TT350O, which is an amazing workhorse for the money.

Buy Godox TT350O Flash Now

If you think you want to try off-camera lighting, which is super fun and makes great photos, don’t forget to pick up a wireless trigger for the flash too.

Buy Godox X1T-O Wireless Trigger Now


Final Thoughts on GX85 Accessories

So there you have it, all the accessories you might need to enjoy your GX85, keep it clean and safe, and take your photography up a notch.

Whether you stumbled on this article for a GX85 grip, or some spare batteries, I hope you’ve found something you can use and enjoy.

This post has affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The opinions presented are my own.


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