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About Me

Hi, I’m Shimona and I love travel and photography.

When I travel, I like to find great locations with rich photo fodder that captures the soul of a place.

I’m going to share with you everything I know about the places I’ve been to, and the gear and techniques I’ve found valuable.

Sometimes the best shot is not at the famous landmark – but on a hill a mile away.

Or maybe the light on that lake is perfect at dawn.

Don’t forget to bring a polarizer that will cut through those tidal pool reflections!

You’re tired of lugging a ton of gear suggested by the pros, only to find it’s really tough to switch lenses at the perfect moment.

In fact, you don’t have the time to camp for weeks waiting for the perfect light because all you’ve got is a short vacation, or maybe a few hours between business meetings or family outings.

Let me help you plan the perfect photo trip.

Shimona Carvalho


Shimona Carvalho
Photographer, Traveller

I’ll show you how to travel light and find places that are accessible and rich in beautiful scenes, whether that means landscapes or architecture, people or details.

I’ll tell you which versatile gear is worth carrying with you and which essential techniques to learn. You’ll be prepared and ready to shoot so you can be sure to return with a treasure trove of great photos.

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